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Battalion Chief Frank Montagna is a forty one year veteran of the New York City Fire Department, has served as an officer for the last thirty two years and as a Battalion Chief for the last twenty four. He is currently assigned to the FDNY Bureau of Training where he develops training courses for FDNY's firefighters, company officers and chiefs.

An author, Chief Montagna's articles encompass many subject areas in the field of firefighting. His articles have been published in FIRE ENGINEERING, and WNYF Magazines as well as on Fire Engineering's Website and in their newsletter. He is a contributing editor for FIRE ENGINEERING magazine and the author of the book RESPONDING TO 'ROUTINE' EMERGENCIES, published by Pennwell Publishing in 1999 and its companion workbook published in 2006.
He was trained by the International Association of Fire Chiefs as a Carbon Monoxide Response Instructor and has lectured extensively in the US and Canada on this topic. Chief Montagna currently lectures on the topics included in his book and on various other fire related topics.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Science and has taught firematics and management as an adjunct professor at John Jay College where he teaches a course based on his book "Responding To Routine Emergencies" and is currently CO teaching a course with Deputy Chief Dunn (Ret.) entitled "Strategy and Tactics For Fires and Emergencies". Chief Montagna has developed and taught the department's new "Battalion Firefighter Training Course", developed the "Captain's Development Course" and has taught FDNY and other fire departments' instructors how to create and enhance "PowerPoint" presentations. He has created and maintains his own web site. He is one of the developers of Fire Engineering's on line fire simulations and has introduced simulation training into many of FDNY's courses. His book is available at this link.


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