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"Placement of Ladder Apparatus"
Fire Engineering October 1992 pg. 1

"A Tale Of Two Gas Leaks: Odor Investigation"
Fire Engineering February 2003 pg.107
"Freelancing on the Engine Company"
Fire Engineering October 1993 pg. 71
"Natural Gas Hazards" By Frank Montagna and Matthew Palmer.
WNYF 3rd of 2003 pg. 27

"The Importance of the Truck Chauffeur Position"
Fire Engineering May 1993 pg. 16

"Natural Gas Hazards"
Fire Engineering November 2004 Pg. 75
"The Hazards of Truck Company Freelancing"
Fire Engineering September 1994 pg. 22
"What You Should Know About Gas Leaks"
Fire Engineering March 2011 pg 197
"Apparatus Skiing"
Engineering October 1994 pg. 75
"Pulling Electric Manhole Covers"
Fire Engineering March 2011 pg 197
"Mattress Fires"
Engineering April 1995 pg. 18
"Manhole Fires"
Published on Fire Engineering's Website February 2004
"Risk Taking on the Fireground"
Fire Engineering August 1995 pg. 101
"What You Should Know About 10-25 Responses"
WNYF 3rd of 2004 pg. 16
"The Effective Post Fire Critique"
Fire Engineering July 1996 pg. 63
"Substations" By Frank Montagna and Anthony Natale.
WNYF 1st of 2007 Pg 14
  Overhead Electric:
WNYF 3rd of 2009 pg. 17
"The Chiefs Job"
Fire Engineering October 1997 pg. 59
Fluorescent Light Ballast Hazards
Published on Fire Engineering's Website 2002
"A Fast-Spreading Membrane Roof Fire"
WNYF 4th/97 pg. 10
"Chasing Down Electrical Fires"
Fire Engineering July 1999 pg. 83

"The Hazards of Membrane Roof Fires"
Fire Engineering July 1998 pg 61

10-40 Code 4, Steam Leak-- Do You Know The Hazards?
WNYF 1st of 2008 pg 5
"Where's the Victim?"
Fire Engineering December 1996 pg. 60
Making Decisions in Utility Emergencies and Fires
FDIC 2015 web page & Facebook
Canarsie Tenaments
WNYF 2nd/2000 pg.15
Burning Issues-Firefighting Complacency
(Interview with Chief Montagna and Chief Rafferyt by Lauren Keyson.) Published on Fire Engineering's web site December 2002
"Membrane Roof Fires: What Are Your Tactics?"
Firescue Interactive March 2001 pg. 3
"The Facts About Rabies" Fire Engineering February 1995 pg. 42
"What the Chief Wants to Know"
Fire Engineering August 2001 pg. 63
Rabies Fact & Fiction
WNYF 3rd/2010 pg 9
"Nozzleman Always Be Ready"
Published on Fire Engineering's Website September 2003
Why Do We Do That
Disconnect Battery at accidents, sparking outlets, use the gas meter, and more
Fire Engineering June 2004
  "Why Do We Do That"
Portable Ladder Placement, Step Potential & Medal Deck Roof Fires

Fire Engineering December 2004 Pg. 51
"Odor Of Smoke"
Fire Engineering March 1995 pg. 69
"Why Do We Do That"
Nozzle Position At Vehicle Extrication, Car Fires & Search At Accidents
Fire Engineering March 2005 Pg. 79
Investigating Smoke Odors
Firescue Interactive August 2002
"Why Do We Do That" Flush hydrant, No water on LNG, Don't Cut Gypsum Roofs
Fire Engineering September 2005
"Odor Investigations: A tough Call"
Fire Engineering May 2010 pg. 53
"Why Do We Do That"
Co Detectors, Shut Gas Valves, Hose Line Safety,
Fire Engineering April 2006
"Just A Routine Water Leak?"
Fire Engineering November 2001 pg. 69
"Why Do We Do That?" Fire Escape Safety, Distributer Nozzles, Roof Venting
Fire Engineering July 2006 Pg. 95
"Truck Extrication From A Sinkhole"
Fire Engineering April 2002 pg. 38



"CO Alarms"
Published on Fire Engineering's Website February 2003

"Simulation Training in the Firehouse"
WNYF 1/2012 Pg 31

"Responding to CO Detector Activations"
Fire Engineering January 1996 pg. 99
"Perform Search At Car Fires Too"
Published on Fire Engineering's Website March 2003
  "Risk Taking on the Fireground"
Fire Engineering August 1995 pg. 101
"Oil Burner Emergencies And Fires"
Published on Fire Engineering's Website
"Communicating Expectations"
Firescue Interactive October 2000 Pg. 3
"Oil Burner Fires And Emergencies"
WNYF 3rd/2001
Back To Training
Fire Engineering July 2002 pg. 85
"The White Ghost"
Fire Engineering May 1995 pg. 16
Simulation Training-Decision Making Aide
Fire Engineering April 2008 Pg 111